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January 19th, 2008

Condoms -----> The drawer of the bedside table.
Cell phone-----> On top of the bedside table.
Chair/stool----> A kitchen chair, a rocking chair.
Shelfs----> A bookcase.
Dresser----> Yes, a gorgeous antique I inherited from my grandmother.
Desk----> Nope.
Computer---> Nope.
Pictures----> Several, none personal. 
Mirror----> Two, the one over the dresser and one behind the bed.
Skateboard----> Razr scooter, no board.
Bed----> Yes.
Clothes on the floor----> Of course.
Smoke detector----> Not in the bedroom, but there is one right outside of the door.
Piano/keyboard/Guitar/bass---> Not in my room.
Locking door----> Yes, thank God.
Bottle of water----> No, glass.
Blacklight----> What am I... 16? No.
Medals/ribbons/trophies----> No, that's too much of the outside world in my inner sanctum.
Sports equipment----> Do dildos count?
CDs----> No.
flag----> Flag?  Why would I have a flag in my room?
Stop sign/any sign----> No.
real gun----> No.
Cigarettes----> Yes.
Pot----> No.
Any drug----> Nope.  All in a different room.
Any other medical treatments --> Sure, an antidepressant and cholesterol medication.
Alcohol --> I wish.
Books----> Stacks and piles and stacks.
PS2----> No.
Xbox ---> No.
Gamecube----> No.
Television----> No.
VCR----> No.
DVD player----> Not in my room.
Stereo----> No.
Lighter----> Duh.
Candles----> Yes.
Erotica----> A bit.
Porn----> No.
Sex toys----> A few.. unless B/D toys count... then it's a lot.
Whips----> One flogger.
Rope----> No.

How many windows do you have in your room?  Two or three, depending on how you count.  Two windows set side-by-side and a third on another wall.
What is the color of your room?  Gray, black, white.
What color is your bed sheet?  Gray.
What do you have under your bed?  Some little people clothes, dust bunnies, a flogger, a pair of slippers.
Where is your alarm clock?  Far enough that I would have to get up to turn it off, ensuring I get up, though I often get up and turn it off without waking.
What's on your walls?  One large black and white photo art, two small black and white photo art pictures and the afore mentioned mirrors.
Has the opposite sex been in your room before?  Do munchkins count?  There's been one other male in my bedroom who wasn't related.
Has the opposite sex been on your bed?  See above answer.
Has the opposite sex slept in your bed?  Again, munchkins, but no men.  waaaah!
Ever had sex on your bed?  Once.. sorta.
Who usually sleeps in your bed other than you?  My two youngest munchkins.
Do you like your bedroom?  I love it.  When I can keep it to myself it's peaceful.

January 15th, 2008

no surprise


Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Submissive

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) It feels good to serve. A lack of control in the bedroom can be fun and relaxing. Being with a dominant person wouldn't be a bad idea.





Degradation Lover


Exhibitionist / Voyeur














December 15th, 2007

For S&G


Do you have an inclination for BDSM?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Degradation Lover

(((Note: This quiz is not totally comprehensive because of the length such a quiz would be. I kept it sex-based because I felt that psychological profiles and motivations were too complicated and vary too greatly among people that practice BDSM.))) So you like to feel horrible. As long as you don't believe it outside of the bedroom, you aren't being unhealthy. Remember your bedroom role as opposed to your role in your own relationship. With that being said, have fun.





Degradation Lover




Exhibitionist / Voyeur












November 26th, 2007

Writing again...

And excited about it.  I can't wait to find out what happens in this segment.  Yay!  Hope to have a story to post by Tuesday night.

November 11th, 2007


I talked to Daddy tonight.  Oh, I've talked to him often over the last little while, but he's always been J, but tonight he was Daddy.  Now I'm going to crawl into my bed with the smell of my own cum smeared under my nose, my nipples and clit sensitized almost beyond bearing, and totally replete.

Thank you, Daddy.

November 6th, 2007



  I’ve known him for years, but never actually met him.  Our relationship began when he was 13 and living with a good friend of his; a friend I’ve also never met who happens to call me mom.  He’s never called me mom, though I’ve filled that function over the last several years.  Instead he’s always called me Boo.  I call him by his name, Josh, or Sugar.  No one else in my life is called sugar except him.

  This afternoon I waited, sitting on my front steps, to meet him for the first time.  His 18th birthday was a week ago and I had five years of birthday and Christmas gifts to give him.  I’ve been waiting to meet him, wanting it with an intensity that sometimes robs me of sanity.  He’s my baby, my sweetheart and my own Oedipus.  For years I’d denied to myself that I was sexually attracted to him, but as I sat there I could no longer continue to fool myself.  Taking a deep breath I promised to treat Josh as much like a son as I could possibly manage.

  As I waited I studied each car that drove by, holding my breath as I tried to make out the person behind the wheel.  As I watched the road I tried to recall all I knew about Josh.  He’s tall.  At 5’4” I know that he has almost a foot of height on me.  He’s dark haired to my blonde.  Dark eyed to my blue gray eyes.  A consummate athlete, he’s hard bodied where I’m all soft, generous curves.  He’s talented intellectually and musically, where I excel as a mother and in my chosen profession.  He’s 18 and just beginning his life, while at 33 I already feel old and drained.

  My phone, tucked up in my skirt pocket, began buzzing, the alarm letting me know that dinner was ready to come out of the oven.  I looked up and down the road again, hoping Josh would be in sight before I had to go in.  No such luck.  I scurried inside, hoping to have dinner out of the oven and ready before he arrived.  Again, luck wasn’t with me.  I heard a car stop in front of my house as I pulled the dish from the oven.  As I finished setting the table I heard a car door slam closed.  Taking another deep breath I headed for the front door.

  My heart leapt into my throat and lodged there as I watched him walk up the sidewalk.  I knew my eyes were wide.  My breathing was fast and shallow and my entire body tingled.  Oh shit, I thought.  There’s no way I’m going to be able to treat this kids as my son.   His long legs carried him quickly up the walk and he stopped before the steps, looking up at me as I stood in the doorway.  He had a cocky grin on his face and his eyes sparkled as if he’d been reading my mind.

 “Hey, Boo, what’s going on?”

   His voice was deep and manly but somehow still very young.  It took my breath away.  I was no longer breathing shallowly, but rather felt my breath trapped in my lungs.  I saw him coming closer, but he seemed not to be moving.  I realized abruptly that I was moving towards him, though I’ve no idea if I was moving fast or slow.  “Joshua,” I whispered, my voice hoarse and broken to my own ears as I stopped on the bottom step.  I still had to look up to look into his eyes, but I didn’t mind as I threw my arms around his neck and felt his come around my waist. 

  One of his hands slid up my back until he cupped the back of my head and I felt his face nuzzling my hair.  His name continued to come from my mouth in soft sighs.  I hugged him tight and hoped that he couldn’t feel the hard nubs of my nipples pressing against the wall of his chest.  Finally I tucked my face into the curve of his neck and relaxed against him, reveling in the sensations.

   After long moments of standing pressed together, the only sound the wind in the trees and my heart hammering in my ears, I finally leaned back and grinned at him.  I grabbed his face between my hands, “Hey, Sugar, I guess you’re going on.  I am so glad to have you here!”  I leaned close again to kiss his cheek, but at the last moment he turned his head just slightly and my pursed lips landed on the corner of his mouth.  I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe.  I simply stood there, dumb as a door knob until he turned his head a bit more and his lips slid across mine.

   I gasped and pulled back swiftly as if I’d been burned.  I looked at him with large eyes, my fingertips pressed against my lips as my body trembled.  “Boo?” He said softly, “are you ok?”  I drew a deep breath and dropped my hand to my side, smiling at him shyly.  “Of course, Josh, just surprised.  Your lips are very warm.”  I laughed softly as I reached for his hand and pulled him into the house behind me.

   After a quick tour, a lazy dinner, and a lot of talking Josh helped me clear the table.  I protested that he was company; he replied firmly that he was family.  I began loading the dishwasher as he brought things from the table.  As I neared the end of the dishes I felt him behind me.  I looked over my shoulder, laughing because he’d been silly all evening and I knew he was up to some silly trick again. 

   His face looked intense rather than silly, and my laughter came to an abrupt stop.  I looked back down to turn off the water so I could turn around and give him my undivided attention.  Just as I finished drying my hands I felt his hands on my hips.  He took a step forward and I suddenly felt his body pressed against mine from mid-calf to the back of my head.  His hands moved, now pressing against my stomach as I allowed my neck to relax and my head to rest fully against him.

   It was pitch black outside now and the light from the kitchen turned the windows over the sink into a ghostly looking glass.  I could see his large, well-formed hands on my stomach even as I felt the warmth of them seeping into my skin.  I could see his face above my head, his expression intent as his right hand slid up to cup my right breast.  I gasped silently, my eyes sliding half closed.  His fingers drew together, gathering my nipple into a tight bud as he spoke, “Boo, I know you and Dad had a thing going on.  I know nothing happened, but I asked him a lot if I could join y’all when it did.”

   Josh’s dad has to be one of the sexiest men I’ve ever known.  And Josh was right, we’d had a hot and heavy flirtation going, but it had never run its full course.  To think that even all those years ago a very young Josh wanted me… it made my inside quiver just to think of it.

  In an unbidden response to his words and my thoughts my back arched and for the first time I became fully aware of how aroused Josh had become.  His left hand slid up to cup my left breast and now he was rolling both nipples between his fingers.  My knees threatened to buckle and I leaned more heavily against him.    My brain was already swamped with the chemicals of lust, but I dragged myself back to reality long enough to offer a token protest.  “Josh, sugar, we shouldn’t be doing this, you know?”  The last come out as a squeak as he twisted both my hard little nubs almost viciously.

   His hands dropped back to my hips and he gave them a sharp twist as he turned me to face him.  I’m sure the look on my face was blank as all my energy was now focused between my thighs and on the tips of my breasts.  His eyes were earnest as he looked at me.  Slowly, so slowly, he lowered his face to mine.  I watched his mouth descend as though mesmerized.  He stopped when there was only a breath of space between our lips.  He held there and seemed to wait for something.  I whimpered, feeling as if I’d burst if he didn’t touch his lips to mine in the next moment.

   Apparently that whimper was all he needed to spur him to action; however, the soft, gentle kiss I expected was not what he gave.  His lips crushed down on mine and I felt as if I was being devoured.  His tongue quickly forced my lips apart and claimed my own.  I would have slid to the floor as soon as his tongue passed my teeth if he hadn’t already wedged me against the kitchen counter.  Now I was being held up by the counter at my back, one hand clutching tightly at the counter and his hips at my front.  I became shockingly aware of how hard he was since he was now pressed against my belly.

   His fingers were now digging into my soft hips, pulling me even tighter against him.  Our tongues continued to dance, war, and mate as one of my hands fisted in his shirt, seeking a further anchor.  One of his hands slid down my hip to gather a handful of my skirt and gave it an upward tug, his other hand still on my hip, holding me in place.  He continued to grab fistful of my skirt and tug until I felt my leg totally exposed to the room air.  He released his grip on my hip and now used both hands to draw my skirt fully over both hips.

   I nearly bit his tongue as I felt his hands slide again down my hips, now separated only by my baby pink silk panties.  His hands roamed further down my legs and then quickly back up.  My head fell back as I gasped.  I was oxygen starved from the kiss, from his touch, from lust.  He quickly dropped his head to my exposed throat and began placing on it sweet kisses alternated with sharp nips.  Now both my hands were buried in his dark hair, though I don’t know if my intent was to hold him close or to pull him away.

   His hands streaked down the front of my thighs, sending shivers coursing through my body.  Slowly, with what seemed infinite patience, his hands dragged back up my thighs, his left hand clamping over my hip again as his right gently, softly cupped the heat between my legs.  I gasped in surprise and embarrassment as I realized my panties were already soaked through.  I could hear how sticky wet I was as his fingers pressed upward, splitting my slit and pressing my panties inside my body.

  Involuntarily my hips began to grind against his probing fingers, seeking more, seeking deeper penetration.  I sobbed as his fingers withdrew, my fingers clenching into tight fists in his hair.  I felt his own gasp against my neck just before I felt his teeth sink deeply into the tendon of my neck and his fingers push aside the gusset of my panties before two of his fingers slipped easily into my sultry pussy.  The sound that escaped from my mouth was nearly a howl as my body immediately erupted into the first other-driven orgasm I’d experienced in more than three years.

   He licked the bite marks on my neck before sliding his lips over mine.  I still quivered in the aftermath of my orgasm and I yielded my mouth to him with a small, satisfied whimper.  Slowly he pulled his fingers from my soaking sheath.  My body clenched in protest, trying desperately to hold him in place.  I did not want to return to the emptiness so soon.  I felt his fingers wiggling between our locked lips and suddenly I tasted myself on his fingers. 

   I gasped and pulled back, looking up at him with a startled expression.  His own expression was implacable as he pushed those two fingers further into my mouth.  I drew a deep, shuddering breath, inhaling my scent more deeply as my eyes slid closed and I drew his fingers even deeper, suckling his fingers as I groaned, totally lost to taste and sensation.  I had long since licked his fingers clean of any of my own residue when they finally retreated from my mouth.

   My upper body curled against his chest, my head was pressed against him so I could hear his heart hammering, seemingly in time with my own.  My hands were fisted next to my head.  I was braced against him now, his arms wrapped around me, one large hand pressing my middle to his still turgid length.  His other hand stroked the soft silk of my hair, his touch now gentle and soothing.  It took several long minutes for my breathing to return to normal, and I know I’d have slid to the floor in a boneless puddle if he hadn’t held me.

   My fingers still clutching his shirt, I looked up at him.  I still had after-shocks racing through my system at random intervals.  I know my eyes were wide, shocked at what’d just happened, more shocked that he’d been the one to instigate nearly every move.  Suddenly it dawned on me that this man was the same little boy I’d loved as a mother.  My body shook anew as a wave of self loathing rolled through me, making my tummy roll.

   I pushed him back, struggling only briefly to get away from him before dashing for the bathroom. I was afraid I was going to be seriously sick, so I slammed the door closed behind me.  Still stunned by my own participation in what had just happened I leaned over the sink, my breath coming in deep gulps. 

   I was still shaking, though not as violently, when I heard the bathroom door ease open behind me.  I hung my head and closed my eyes and waited, though I wasn’t sure what I waited for.  My skirt hem had fallen back down, though not all the way.  My legs were exposed from mid-thigh down.  I felt his warm breath on my neck and ear at the same time I felt his fingers on the zipper of my skirt.  A shudder coursed through my body as the zipper lowered.

   I looked up, looking into Joshua’s eyes reflected in the mirror.  I saw the question in my own eyes.  Josh smiled and kissed the nape of my neck as he began tugging the skirt down, pulling until it was over my hips and then letting it fall to the floor.  His hands cupped my bottom, making me groan and shudder anew as they flexed against my flesh.

   “Boo, you know you want more, and I am going to give it to you.”  He pressed against my ass and I could feel how hard he still was and my eyes widened.  “Don’t bother fighting it, little girl, this is all mine.”  His hands came up and around, cupping my hot, sensitized breasts, coursing over my belly before his hands separated.  One hand fondled my soaking panties from the front and the other ran over my ass.   When both hands squeezed I groaned and felt whatever resolution I’d gathered fly away with the new surge of liquid lust that flowed from my center.

   His hands continued their journey, streaking down my legs and wrapping firmly around my ankles.  He was squatting behind me now and I felt his breath on my ass and I quivered violently.  I shook so hard in the next moment I was amazed to still be standing as his teeth closed over my skin.  His bottom teeth were right at the juncture of my butt and thigh.  He sucked and I shook in immediate response.  He lightly kissed the offended area before switching to the other side, giving it equal treatment.  Then suddenly, savagely he pulled my panties off and my most vulnerable parts were left bared to him.

   Both his large hands grasped my ass cheeks and my breath lodged in my throat as I felt his thumbs slide along that sensitive cleft.  I heard his name tremble from my lips as I shook, though I was unsure if it a plea for him to stop or to never stop.  My stomach flipped as I felt his warm lips at the top of that crevice.

   He rose behind me and seemed now to be in a hurry as he yanked my shirt over my head.  In a near trance now my eyes were closed, so my first indication that he’d already removed his own shirt was when he pressed himself against my naked back.  He swiftly undid the clasp of my bra and pushed it down my shoulders and off my arms before reaching around to tug and twist my aching nipples.  He let go of my left nipple and used my right to tug me around to face him.

   Once again I found my back braced against a counter.  Unbidden my hands came up to his chest.  My eyes were riveted.  Just the sight of Josh’s half naked body was compelling and exciting.  I heard the smugness in his voice as he quietly commanded me to open his jeans and push them off.  I didn’t want to.  I was still so absorbed in his body from neck to waist.  When he twisted my nipples harder than before I squeaked and my startled eyes flew to his face. 

 “I told you to do something, Boo.  Get to it.  Now!”

   I reached for the button on his jeans and fumbled for a moment before I managed to get it undone.  I quickly managed the zipper and paused briefly before sliding my hands into the band of his pants, sliding over his supple skin and savoring the texture.  When he cleared his throat, a quiet but hard sound, I began sliding my hands down his thighs.  I was only mildly surprised and very turned on when I realized there was nothing but skin beneath that denim. 

   Before his pants had come to rest around his ankles I had my hand wrapped around his hard length.  My mouth and pussy both gushed.  I couldn’t tell which hole wanted and needed that gorgeous piece of manhood first.  That turned out to not be a problem.  Apparently he already had plans.  Even as I pulled and tugged on his hard cock he was sliding his hands around my hips and boosting me up on the edge of the counter.

   I barely noticed the cold stone beneath me, or the edge that should have been so uncomfortable.  I was too enraptured by the sight of pre-cum leaking from the tip to notice much of anything.  I gathered a large drop on my thumb even as he was sliding his fingers into my hot, seeping core.  As I lifted that drop to my tongue his fingers scissored inside of me.  Between the salty taste on my tongue and the feel of his fingers inside me I felt I’d been transported paradise.

   Josh slanted his mouth across mine as he pulled his fingers from my seeping cleft.  I would have been embarrassed about the squelching sound that came when he removed them, but I was too absorbed in the taste of his tongue, his cum, and the smell of my own arousal to be bothered.

   Suddenly he was sliding into me.  It had been so long that I’d forgotten how intense the sensation could be and I shuddered, groaning into his mouth as he pressed deeper.  He felt like hot velvet as my walls gripped him.  He groaned into my mouth now.  The sound of his pleasure tipped me over the edge into another rippling eruption that shook my soul. 

   I was insensate when he withdrew his lips from mine, so caught up was I in the pleasure radiating from my center.  I felt his fingers dig into my hips as he began pounding into me with enough force to bruise.  My yelps and gasps bouncing from the walls weren’t even enough to drown out the sound of our wet, frenzied mating.  As I felt him give one final hard thrust my body coiled tight for another release.  It washed over me as I felt his tip pressed against my womb, pulsing as he filled me with his cream.  Even as I felt it oozing from my quivering cunt my body convulsed around him again, my sight going suddenly black, my entire body tingling.

   When I finally came back to myself I was collapsed against Josh’s sweat covered chest.  I felt blissfully relaxed.  Ridiculously content.  His head was laid atop mine and the rhythm of his breathing seemed to just be returning to normal.  I moved a bit and he lifted his head.  I looked at him and pulled his mouth to mine for a sweet, lingering kiss.  He grinned when the kiss ended and silently tugged me off the counter.

   I was the one grinning when I stood and felt his essence sliding down my inner thighs.  I knew at that moment that I’d been claimed and marked.  I pulled him by the hand to my bed, pulled down the covers and crawled in, him just behind me.  I curled against him and enjoyed the feel of his seed drying on my skin as I drifted off to a contented sleep.

October 24th, 2007

Story - Jesse I


She watched with motherly pride as Jesse blew out the 18 candles on his birthday cake.  It seemed impossible that tall, proud, gorgeous and intelligent young man was the same defensive ragamuffin she’d taken in just six years ago.  He’d been rude and in constant trouble then.  It had been a royal battle of wills to get him to zip his pants and leave the girls alone, especially since even then he was amazingly attractive with just enough bad boy attitude and charm to draw the girls to him.

 Jesse had come to her through friends who already had a home full of children who’d been mistreated and were no longer wanted by their own parents.  He’d been and still was very close friends with a young man of the same age from that loving home.  His mother had left him to raise himself most of the time.  He was the one making sure the bills got paid before she had a chance to spend her meager paycheck on booze and men.  He’d taken that roll early, when he was ten years old.  When his mother did pay him attention it was to curse him for being born or for being in the way when she had men “friends” over.  He did his best to stay quiet and out of sight, but he still received unwarranted blows and abuse from her and her boyfriends.

 Now here he stood, tall and proud, nearly ready to launch out on his own.  Her heart quivered in fear.  Fear of being without his presence, without the more light-hearted charm that he’d cultivated in the last several years.  She glowed with satisfaction as he moved toward her through the crush of people celebrating his birthday.  He had a special smile that he saved just for her.  He’d never called her mom, but he did call her Boo.  Now he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and bent his dark head down to kiss the top of her own dark blonde head as he squeezed her, “Thank you, Boo, for the party.  Thank you too for loving me and showing me what a normal home filled with love and fights without hitting is like.”

She wrapped her arms around his slender waist, laying her head on his broad shoulder as she returned his affectionate squeeze. She explained, “I’d have done anything for you, Jesse, when we first met.  I hurt for you and worried that you’d be scared for your entire life.  I’m so very proud of the man you’ve become.  Happy birthday, sugar!”  She rose on her tiptoes and pulled his head down so she could kiss the corner of his mouth before hurrying off to the kitchen to get more punch for the nearly empty bowl.  She chuckled as she heard her two younger boy’s gang up on Jesse to try to pull him down.  They didn’t stand a chance against the big tower of a young man.

 Several hours later the house was empty of everyone but family, the younger boys were sprawled on the couch in exhaustion after all the activity.  Jesse and Scoti were seated at the dinning room table making sure the list of names and gifts was complete so thank you cards could be sent out later.  Scoti stood up and grabbed a garbage bag and began picking wrapping paper off the floor as they bantered about all the people who’d turned out for the party.  Scoti made a comment as she turned away from Jesse and scooped up another handful of paper.  When she received no reply she raised half way and twisted a bit to look back at Jesse, her expression inquisitive.

Jesse was staring at her bottom, the pen he’d been writing with now clutched tightly in his fist.  Scoti swallowed hard and stood up fully as she turned toward him.

 “Jesse?  Jesse, sugar, you okay?” she asked quietly, her eyes were large and questioning as she watched the intent expression on his face.  He seemed thousands of miles away.  His head came up sharply and he looked into her eyes as a slow, sexy grin spread over his face.  “Yeah, Boo, I’m great.  I think I’ll just take this list upstairs and start working on it.”

 As he left the room she collapsed in the closest chair with a quick exhalation.  She shook her head as she realized her little boy, her sweet Jesse, had been looking lustfully at her bottom.  Worse, she could still feel the tight, tingling heat in the pit of her stomach that had been her instant response when she recognized his expression.  Her fingers twisted in her lap and she looked down at them, then sucked in a breath when she realized her nipples were rock hard, standing at attention.  She shook her head her head to clear it, blew out a long breath and tried to dismiss that look from her mind.

 As she and the younger boys finished cleaning up their father arrived to take them for the weekend.  Jesse came bounding down the stairs as the boys headed for the door.  She was still floored by the easy affection between the three boys, demonstrated as Jesse put each boy in a headlock and bopped their heads together as they all laughed or screeched.  As the boys got in their father’s car she expected Jesse to leave as well.  It was Friday evening and he almost always had plans.  Instead he turned to her leaned over to kiss her forehead softly and offered to pick up a movie for them to watch.  She was a little confused, but agreed easily enough.  She and Jesse always had a good time just hanging out together.

She made a quick, easy dinner while Jesse went to the movie store.  They sat down and ate, talking about his future and the party and the last six years.  Over and over her eyes were drawn to his hands.  Wide palmed with long fingers they were very capable hands.  Hands capable of tending his brother’s small war wounds with sympathy and gentleness, wield a hammer with skill, or dunk a basketball with ease.  In honor of his birthday they elected to leave the dishes for later and went to the den to settle in with their movie.

 She curled up in the corner of the couch and rearranged the folds of her skirt around her.   She expected Jesse to take his usual seat in the deep arm-chair and was surprised when instead, after loading the movie, he sat down on the other end of the couch.  She lifted a questioning eyebrow at him but when he just grinned she shrugged and turned toward the tv.  She was surprised again when the title of the movie scrolled across the screen.  He’d apparently picked up a chick-flick rather than the action movies they usually watched as a family.  She found this curious since he usually campaigned hardest for the action movies, but gave another shrug as she settled in to watch the move.

 As the movie played she scooted down on the couch and tucked a throw pillow under her head to be more comfortable.  She stretched out her legs, her feet brushing against the outside of Jesse’s hard thigh.  She pulled her legs back up a bit and continued to watching the screen, fully absorbed in the show.  Because of her absorption she didn’t realize her long, full skirt hadn’t moved with her limbs as she’d stretched out her legs and they were now exposed to just above mid-thigh. 

 She yelped in surprise when Jesse laid his large, warm hand over her foot and gave it a gentle tug, placing it in his lap. 

 “Jesse!” she laughed as she tugged her leg, trying to reclaim her foot, “What are you doing?”

 “Thought I’d give you a foot rub, Boo, since you were on your feet for my party all day.  Does this feel good?” he asked as he ran his thumb over the ball over her foot.

 She moaned softly as her eyes fluttered closed.  “Oh, Jesse, that feels amazing.” 

 She relaxed back against the couch and returned her attention to the television, now unable to focus fully on the story.  He continued to rub her foot, massaging it firmly but gently.  From the corner of his eye he watched her carefully, waiting for her to fully relax before he moved his hands to her ankle and lower calf.  She groaned quietly again, but didn’t object as he dug his fingers into her tight calf and pressed his hand up higher.

 He continued to rub her leg from her knee to her toes as she watched the movie and he watched her.  The scenes in the movie were getting hotter and she was obviously responding to them.  Her thighs were rubbing together, just small movements that he wouldn’t have noticed if he hadn’t been studying her body, her reactions.

 She suddenly rolled over and reached to the back of the couch, grabbed the blanket they kept there and pulled it over herself.  Her skirt rucked up even higher, but she ignored it since her legs were now fully covered.  In fact, she grabbed the front edge of her skirt and pulled it up, then slid her hand down the top of her panties until she could press her fingers against the sensitive nub of her clit.  She rubbed softly, gently, careful to be sure the movement didn’t show under the blanket.

 Jesse didn’t say a word, just continued to watch her.  He noted the flush of her cheeks and her quick, shallow breathes.  Despite her efforts at concealment Jesse knew exactly what was happening under the blanket.  He picked tonight’s movie out just for this.  It was subtly sexy without being overtly sexual.  He knew Boo wouldn’t watch a sexual movie with him, but that with her lack of sex and dating life this one was sure to get her blood heated. 

 Slowly, deliberately he moved his hand further up her leg so that he was now massaging the back of her thigh.  With his long arms matching his 6’3” frame he didn’t have to stretch to reach her upper thigh and his hand continued to caress and massage.   His fingers slipped under the leg band of her panties.  Not softly, not stealthily, but as if his hand had every right to be cupping her round, firm ass.  He barely caught the sound of her soft groan, but the shudder of her body flew from his palm, up his arm and straight to his already engorged cock. 

 She gasped one more time and closed her eyes, savoring the long-missed feel of a manly hand on her flesh and an orgasm at the same time.  As the final small shivers of release coursed through her body she realized just whose manly hand was resting on her curvy bottom and she froze.  Slowly she closed her eyes, allowing her breathing to even out into the soft rhythms of sleep.  Of course she wasn’t asleep, but she didn’t want Jesse to realize that.  She hoped that if she feigned sleep she wouldn’t have acknowledge his hand, or even, to herself, the roll it had played in her release.

 Jesse continued to caress her leg and ass, enjoying for the moment the throbbing heat against the zipper of his pants.  He smiled down at his Boo, enjoying watching her face at rest.  He realized she was pretending sleep, but he also knew when her act became reality.  He slowly drew his hand from under the blanket, savoring the texture of her skin at each inch along the retreat.  He wanted desperately to slide his fingers back up and into her hot, wet body.  He knew, just knew, she would feel amazing.  He resisted, wanting her fully aware at each step along his planned seduction.

Eventually his rigid prick subsided enough for him to stand comfortably.  He removed the blanket from her and stood looking down at her, savoring the sight of her short but shapely legs, her fingers tucked tight into the V they made.  He easily scooped her off the couch and carried her to her room.  She snuggled instinctively against the wall of his chest, her head nestled against his neck. 

He lay her gently on her bed, then leaned to the other side on which she usually slept, and pulled down the covers.  His hands returned to her body, resting at her waist a moment before he hooked his fingers in the top of her skirt and slowly wiggled it down over her hips and legs.  With the layer of material removed the scent of a woman aroused and satisfied became stronger.  He clamped his teeth together hard as he slid his arms under her, placed a knee on her bed and lifted her over to her side of the bed.  

Once he’d covered her he stood looking down at her again, feeling his cock throb with want.  This was the woman who’d raised him.  His only real mother.  He’d wanted her since she had first come into his life, but he’d known then that she wouldn’t allow him to have her.  Now he was beyond the legal age of consent and he would have her.  It might take time, but she’d always belonged to him.  Quietly he pulled his shirt over his head and pushed his pants down his long legs.  He slid into bed next to her and curled up around her soft body, spooning her completely.  His hard shaft resting against the sweet split in her ass.  He now he groaned as he drew a deep breath and tried to control himself.

He would have her.  He would sink his large cock into her hot little pussy, but not tonight.  Not yet.

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